How to beat a bookmaker? Secrets of the world's top bettors

Sports betting is not as simple as you might have thought. Anyone who at least once tried it knows what it means. Bookies do their best to not let your win. So, you have to find the way to beat them at Let us share some secrets with you!   

What kind of bettor are you?

Being a perfect bettor requires a lot of personal skills. You will have to process tons of information every day. You will need to watch thousands of matches, exploring the current performances of players and teams. You will need to monitor the most recent news addressing the kind of sport you are interested in. In other words, you will combine your knowledge about sports with your analytical skills to correctly calculate the probability and risk factors.

You may also listen to your intuition while making betting predictions. Obviously, your sixth sense can’t be viewed as the only factor in a decision-making process.

The secret of the best bettor’s success

By keeping the bragging rights, you can meet some of the world's best bettors. At the very first sight, they don’t stand out in the crowd at all. However, they manage to earn immense sums of money within short periods of time. In the online betting forums, you might meet some of them. Don’t expect them to share all their secrets with you. But they can, at least, give you a good piece of motivation.

Find your niche

The sphere of online betting is immense. Don’t try to cover it all at once. It’s not possible. Instead, you may choose the markets that you are most interested in. This can be football, basketball, tennis, or rarer kinds of sports.

By focusing your knowledge and skills on a specific market, you will be able to make more accurate predictions and get more efficient results. When choosing a specific competition, you get bigger chances to gain an edge over the bookie. That's common sense, not betting expertise.

Conduct the match analysis

Many bettors treat sports betting as a way to kill some time and have fun. This is a very vague approach that won’t take you anywhere. After all, your chances of having the positive long-run record depend on your ability to research and analyze the data. Sports betting is like any other job, which needs a lot of time and effort. You should manage your data before placing a bet.

Keep the number of placed bets limited

How many times the world's best bettors get on a winning streak per month? In the best case, it is 10-30. Thus, the approach of placing 20-30 bets on a Sunday afternoon demonstrates low chances of success. If your goal is to stay successful in sports betting in the long run, then you have to limit the number of bets you place. Focus on the quality, not quantity!

Get rid of emotions

The main reason behind your unbelievable betting success can be your emotional stability. Without wasting your emotions on every single event, you can achieve better results. Every bet you place should be solely based on the value of the bet, risk factor, and profitability. While it is not that hard to do, someone experienced in the betting sphere might have a hard time dealing with it.

Bottom Line

Let’s be honest, betting without real money doesn’t make much sense. Everyone who is serious about betting on sports wants to make a good profit. Although it’s not your major source of income, it still gives you a nice feeling of having extra cash in your pocket. 

Once you start betting your way, you will have your ups and downs. By using the standard methods based on your knowledge and experience, avoiding mistakes, and conducting the in-depth analysis, you have real chances of achieving success. If it sounds interesting to you, make sure to take action.

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