Debut 29 May, 2019 On 08:00 AM
Fin31 May, 2019 On 07:00 PM

Lieu : Radisson Blu Hotel Abidjan Airport Côte d'Ivoire

Contact : +1 323-782-1300

Type d'événement : Exposition

Organisateur : Discop Markets

Tarif(s): GRATUIT

Discop Abidjan 2019 100% focused on business and high-level networking, DISCOP ABIDJAN has become the #1 destination for key players driving Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa’s content development, production and distribution industries. Ever-increasing year-on-year attendance shows the true extent of growth potential in this ensemble of 31 neighboring countries where French is spoken as a first or second language: +/- 200 international sales executives representing global distributors and local content producers are expected to take part alongside +/- 200 acquisition and programming executives seeking content, adaptation rights and coproduction projects. These buyers represent public and commercial broadcasters, premium cable channels, and other content distribution platforms servicing Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa.This region is a predominantly free TV marketplace challenged by rapidly growing pay TV and digital terrestrial television services, cutting-edge internet users consuming video content online, and the huge rise in mobile phone penetration. Matchmaking services will be available from Monday 15 April 2019 and will include personalized meetings-organization assistance and online-based video marketing support.

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